The simplest way to report bugs and collect feedback in your apps.

Just shake your phone to report bugs directly to Jira!

Looking for our SDK? It only takes a few lines of codes to get started

How to use Garage


Shake your phone to capture the screen you're looking at.


Draw on the captured screenshot and add details about the issue.


Record your screen to capture more complex issues.


Send your bug directly to your Jira project.

Garage core features and benefits

Core Features

Garage is made to be simple for everyone, developers included. Simply drop the SDK into your app and link to your project in Jira through the Garage dashboard.

  • Simple installation. Add it to your app in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use. Just shake your phone to take a video or screenshot.
  • Syncs with your existing Jira project.
  • Advanced logging. Get specs about the user’s device and build version.


  • Spend less time logging bugs and more time fixing them.
  • Get feedback, fast. Garage makes it seamless for testers to log and submit bugs.

Log detailed bugs directly in Jira.

Garage puts bugs where they belong - directly into Jira. Every bug incudes device type, OS version, connection type, and release version to ensure your developers have the information they need.

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Log detailed bugs directly to Jira.

Built by the app experts.

Garage was developed as an internal tool for the award winning mobile app development company, Fueled. This tool has been used in the development of some of the top apps in the world.